A New Concept Workshop will be held at the Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) to provide an opportunity for Breast Cancer Trials (BCT) members and non-members to present new research ideas. The Workshop will be held at The Cordis, Auckland, New Zealand from 1pm to 4pm on Wednesday 26 July 2023. 

The workshop will involve a presentation of selected concepts, followed by discussion and feedback from the audience. The audience will include BCT Scientific Advisory Committee members including Consumer Advisory Panel representatives, senior BCT staff, and other BCT researchers.

This workshop is designed to be an opportunity for those with ideas with potential to become involved in clinical trials research. These ideas can potentially move forward to a more formal stage of concept development with the support of BCT’s Scientific Advisory Committee.

Concepts are welcomed from all disciplines relevant to breast cancer care, including medical, surgical or radiation oncology, reconstructive surgery, imaging, pathology and the disciplines involved in supportive care.

Submissions are welcome from both BCT members and non-members. However, for all concepts that are approved for ongoing development, applicants must become BCT members (for information on how to become a member please click here).

Additional information about the BCT trial development process is available on our website, and to members via the Research section of the website. Refer to Clinical Trials/ Investigator Resources tab, or via link: Research Development and Funding.

Please note: Phase I trials will not generally be considered for conduct and led by BCT unless the science is from the laboratory of a BCT member, drug supply is enabled, and there is a pathway to a Phase II study that will involve BCT.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Fulfils the definition of clinical or translational research that relates to prior, current or the development of future breast cancer clinical trials
  • Potential to make a significant impact on the care of those affected by breast cancer
  • Feasible as research with significant involvement from BCT
  • Potentially eligible for competitive funding e.g. NHMRC or Cancer Councils


  • Concept submissions will be peer reviewed and reviews provided to applicants
  • Up to six concepts will be chosen for presentation, with notification in mid/late June 2023
  • BCT will invite a discussant for each presentation
  • A critique will be provided by BCT following concept presentation at the workshop on 26 July 2023

Applications for New Concepts have now closed.