Session 1 - Prevention/Screening/Diagnosis



Breast Cancer Prevention

Wanda Cui

Risk Based Screening – Time for a Tailored Approach?

Laura Esserman

ROSA-Breast – What trials are needed to enable risk adjusted screening in Australia?

Carolyn Nickson

Contrast Enhanced Imaging

Allison Rose

PROSPECT: First presentation primary analysis

Bruce Mann

Axillary management in the setting of NACT

Sanjay Warrier

Activities of JCOG

Hiroji Iwata

Session 2 - Early Breast Cancer



Optimising fractionation of RT in early breast cancer

KEYNOTE – Charlotte Coles

How much endocrine therapy is enough?

Belinda Yeo

DEBATE – Does adjuvant CDKi have a role in early-stage luminal breast cancer

Nick Zdenkowski and Sanjeev Kumar

Quality of life and fear of cancer recurrence in low-risk breast cancer

Lesley Stafford

Early-stage disease in young women; treatment differences, impacts and interventions to improve outcomes

KEYNOTE – Ann Partridge

Session 3 - Advanced Disease



Are we curing HER2+ metastatic breast cancer?

David Okonji

DEBATE – The Oligometastatic disease should be treated with curative intent

Steven David and Nicholas Wilcken

Does detecting metastatic disease early make a difference?

Prue Francis

Survivorship in ABC – “Finding my way”

Lisa Beatty

New options in HR+ breast cancer – TROPICS-02 and beyond.

Hope Rugo

Translating PRO research into clinical practice

KEYNOTE – Ann Partridge

Session 4 - Translational Research



Understanding the role of the Androgen Receptor

Theresa Hickey

CDK4/6 Inhibition: Making the most of a good thing

Shom Goel

Biomarkers of immunotherapy benefit in TNBC: PD-L1 and beyond

Sherene Loi

Implementing a single-cell analysis pipeline into a translational research platform

Alex Swarbrick

Epigenetics in breast cancer

Sudha Rao